The tenant can not sublet or lend the cycle that remains the exclusive property of Paris by bike / Bicy.
In the event of theft or loss, PAVS reserves the right to retain the amount of the security deposit and to claim a lump sum indemnity. Any theft or loss must be reported within 24 hours.
In the case of accessories not returned or partially returned (lost kit, lock without key, etc …), or of damaged parts, the tenant undertakes to settle an amount equivalent to the value of the complete accessory or part, According to a scale consultable at the reception of our premises.
All rentals are settled in advance, accompanied by a security deposit of 250 € per city bike (ATV or VTC 300 € to 500 € depending on model / Tandem 900 € to 1500 € depending on model).
The cycle is insured during the rental period against accidents that may be caused to third parties. The tenant undertakes to declare any accident to PAVS and to the police authorities before the expiry of the tenancy, in any case within a minimum period of 24 hours, under penalty of losing the benefit of the insurance.
The tenant declares that he has personal insurance against personal injury, which covers him in particular in the event of the use of cycles. Failing that, he can not criticize the absence of this personal guarantee to the lessor.
Any overdue rental period will be charged the minimum amount equivalent to the price of a rental day.
In no event will PAVS be held liable if, during the rental period, the tenant does not comply with the laws and regulations established, in particular the Highway Code.
The tenant agrees to use the cycle carefully, to provide for its maintenance, but is not authorized to carry out important repairs without the express agreement of PAVS. He will have to return the cycle to the landlord in the same state where it was taken. Otherwise, he agrees to bear the costs of restoration which will be deducted from the amount of the deposit. An immobilisation of the cycle will in no case give right to damages for disturbance of jouissance. All minors will have written parental consent.

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